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Nick News: Girls On The Run

For the past 25 years, Girls On The Run (located in Washington DC) empowered young girls to run, learn, and be inspired.

Nick News: West Powelton Drummers and Steppers

The West Powelton Drummers and steppers have performed for President Biden and are now the Philadelphia 76ers' official drumline.

Nick News Break: The Nobel Peace Prize

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize winners have been announced in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, peace, and economics.

Nick News: The Turtle Hospital

Sea turtles are among the oldest animals on Earth, but many turtle species are endangered. That's where The Turtle Hospital steps in.

Nick News: You Are Not Alone

Kids like you speak up to share stories of hope and inspiration to remind you that if you are being bullied, you are not alone.

Nick News: Dealing With Bullies On Social Media

Side Hustle stars Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels talk about dealing with negativity on social media, friendship, and how to deal with bullying.

Nick News Break: Election Day 2021

Are you wondering why your parents are voting again? It's called an 'off-year election,' and Nick News has the scoop.

Nick News: Kids & Sports

In this Nick News Special Report, we're showcasing amazing, inspiring young athletes from all walks of life.

International Day Of The Girl

October 11th is International Day of the Girl, a day to celebrate the strong, driven, dream-chasing girls on Nick, around the world, and in your life!

Help Prevent Bullying

For National Bullying Prevention Month, we're using the power of friendship to break the cycle of bullying.

Unified Talks: Let’s Talk Identity

Learn from Special Olympics Youth Leaders and your friends at Nickelodeon how we can be inclusive of all identities!

Nick News Break: The 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Nickelodeon looks back on September 11, 2001, and answers your questions about a tragic day in U.S. history.

Nick News Break: Back To School

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona answer your most important question about going back to school safely.

What Is It Like Being Kid Of The Year?

Gitanjali Rao, last year’s winner, talks about her experience and what it takes to become Kid of the Year!

Nick News: Early Immigration In America

To better understand America today, let’s take a look back at over 200 years of immigrants making their way to the USA from all over the world.

Nick News: DACA And Dreamers

Izabella Alvarez (aka Ronnie Anne on The Casagrandes) talks us through the differences between DACA and Dreamers, two important parts of current US immigration policy.

Nick News: Immigration In Hazleton, PA

The town of Hazleton in Pennsylvania, once bitterly divided over immigration, has since come together as thriving community full of possibility and celebration.

Kids, Immigration, And Equality: Discussion Guide And Key Terms

Immigration in the United States is a complicated issue. Along with the new Nick News special, these guides can help kids understand immigration's history and the immigrant experience in America.

Nick News: Kids, Immigration, And Equality Special

In this amazing Nick News special, we're learning about why people emigrate, where immigrants come from, and why immigration is such an important aspect of United States history and culture.

Nick News Break: Clearing Up Vaccine Confusion

After the World Health Organization issued new guidelines about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, it's important to make sure we're all on the same page.

Nick News Break: Q&A With Dr. Vivek Murthy

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy answers your questions about COVID-19, vaccinations, and masks!

Nick News Break: Q&A With Miguel Cardona

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona answers your questions about going back to school safely as we navigate the ongoing presence of COVID-19.

Nick News Break: Update On Masks

With new mask policies popping up, it's important to get the facts and answer any questions you might have about the CDC's new recommendations.

Nick News Break: On Recycling

What is recycling? What can you recycle? What can you make from recycled materials? Nick News has answers!

Nick News Break: So, What Exactly Can Be Recycled?

Ryan Hickman founded Ryan's Recycling, and he's got the expert scoop on which items can and cannot be recycled.

Helping Our Oceans With P.O.O.P.

Once you understand P.O.O.P., you'll understand how organization and outreach can prevent pollution and protect the environment!

Jewish Life In America

Judaism is over 4,000 years old, and Jewish people have been on this continent since before America was a country! Let's learn some more about our friends in the Jewish community.

May Is Jewish-American Heritage Month

This month, we celebrate Jewish Americans and their wide range of contributions, from scientist Jonas Salk to gymnast Aly Raisman to rappers The Beastie Boys, and so many more!

Spotlight On Professor Russell Jeung

After a rise in attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Professor Jeung started the "Stop AAPI Hate" campaign.

Moving Towards True Representation In Hollywood

Asian American and Pacific Islander actors and actresses are paving the way for change.

George Floyd: A Meaningful Mural

Honoring George Floyd’s passing and all those lost to police violence with a painting by 2020 Kid of the Year honoree Tyler Gordon, depicting a kinder future we can all help create.

Real World Influences In The World Of Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender takes inspiration from a diverse group of countries, cultures, architectures, and more, from the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat to the Inuit parkas of the North Pole!

What’s In A Color?

The Pride flag is colorful and full of meaning, and we've got this handy guide to what each color represents!

Shine A Light: Pride Month

Since the first Pride parade over fifty years ago, Pride has grown into a global, month-long celebration of love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

Nick News Breaks

Keeping you updated while making sense together.

What You Can Do To Help Our Planet

April is a time to celebrate the Earth, but kids can help make the world a greener, cleaner place all year-round!

Community Murals

Nickelodeon Studios paints murals to brighten Los Angeles area schools.

Gitanjali Rao:Kid of the Year!

Kids just like you are helping others get access to clean water, technology, education, and so much more!

Nick’s School Partnership Program

From sea to shining sea, Nickelodeon works with schools and districts to enrich kids’ lives by providing physical resources and virtual opportunities.

Want To Make The World A Better Place?

Use this tool to visualize your dreams, hopes, goals, ideas, inspirations, and actions!

Unified Talks: A Very Special Edition

Learn from Special Olympics Youth Leaders and your friends at Nickelodeon what it means to be an inclusive youth leader!

Stop The Hate, Stop The Violence

Racism and discrimination against Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders has increased due to COVID. Do your part to stand up and speak out against hate.